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Core Menu

Charley Biggs' Chicken is carefully marinated, double-battered, and cooked fresh in our stores every day. A tasty blend of superior seasonings and hot, juicy chicken is always ready for lunch, snack or dinner. When combined with any of our specially blended dipping sauces, the taste of Charley Biggs' Chicken & Sauce simply can't be beat.

  • Fresh Tenders

    A Charley Biggs’ customer favorite, the tempting fresh chicken tenders are a hit for lunch or dinner and loved by big and little kids alike. Great with dipping sauce or by themselves, the chicken tenders are irresistible. Order a tray for a party or a snack to nibble on. The chicken tenders are always satisfying.

  • Bone-In (A Dinner Time Tradition)

    Fried chicken just like Mom makes! Fresh (never frozen) always made using the freshest, quality ingredients. White or dark meat choices, great paired with a side or two to take home to the family or on a picnic. Order for a work function or take a couple of pieces for lunch. A quick easy option for large or small dinner plans.

  • Double Breaded Potato Wedges

    Fresh Hand-cut potato wedges breaded and fried to a golden brown, a great alternative to french fries. Add a unique flavor with a dipping sauce, can you say YUM! Pair them with chicken tenders or a piece of fried chicken and a side and you have a new meal alternative.

  • $4.99 Value Meals

    You can now enjoy a Charley Biggs meal at an everyday Value Meal price. Choose from one of three Value Meals and enjoy a 3-piece Dark Meat special, a 2-piece White Meat special or our tasty 3-piece Tenders special. Each meal includes Potato Wedges plus a 4-oz. Side, Roll and Sauce cup.